I’m Estella Lanti!
I am a professional wedding photographer.

Photography has always been my great love. I studied and deepened my knowledge with tenacity and passion, starting from its birth as a technical and visual art, and I’ve
made it mine with its continuous evolution. Photographically I have a solid technique and culture having started from analog photography, taught photography and image education in schools and shown my work in exhibitions.


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Wedding Photographer & Videographer in Italy
Estella Lanti


Italian Wedding Photographer
Our boutique photography and videography studio.
Top quality photos and films of your special day

4 reasons to hire an Italian wedding photographer for your destination nuptials

Destination weddings have become a huge trend in the last decade. With tourism being as accessible as it is now, modern newlyweds are no longer limited by their home venues. They can choose any location on the map, adding a flair of a romantic getaway to an otherwise traditional ceremony. Unfamiliar landscapes and exotic cuisine will make your wedding one to remember not only for you but also for your guests. And the best way to make memories that last forever is to take lots of pictures. Because let’s face it, flowers will wilt, the cake will go stale, and only photographs will never fade.

When hiring a wedding photographer for destination nuptials, newlyweds often doubt whether to fly one in or hire somebody local. If you are currently planning a wedding in Italy, you have come to the right page! We are devoted wedding photographers from Italy whose main thrill in life is helping happy couples capture their special day on camera.

Benefits of hiring a local wedding videographer and photographer

Lower expenses
If you decide to invite a photographer from your country, you will be expected to compensate for their travel expenses. This may include airplane tickets, transportation, accommodation, and even meals. With Italian wedding photographers, you pay just for the work.
Estella Lanti studio professionals have dozens of weddings under their belt. They are always ready to recommend the top venues and the best locations for photo shoots.
No language barrier
Understanding the clients is very important in making sure they get exactly what they want every single time. We speak English fluently, so there won’t be any language barrier between us.
Fresh perspective
European weddings are low-key and natural. Estella Lanti wedding photographers always concentrate on catching true moments of love and affection instead of asking newlyweds and their guests pose in a certain way.

We understand that choosing the right photographer is all about chemistry and mutual understanding. Fill in the request form here to get in touch. Share your love story with us, and together we will figure out how to capture it for eternity!