I’m Estella Lanti!
I am a professional wedding photographer.

Photography has always been my great love. I studied and deepened my knowledge with tenacity and passion, starting from its birth as a technical and visual art, and I’ve made it mine with its continuous evolution. Photographically I have a solid technique and culture having started from analog photography, taught photography and image education in schools and shown my work in exhibitions.

I have been dedicating myself to wedding and portrait photography for many years, with all my heart, with great care, with passion and extreme professionalism.  I have an extensive experience in Italian and International wedding photography which gives me recognition for the high quality of my work and authority in the wedding industry.

It is no coincidence that I’m the photographer who most frequently collaborates with White Magazine and The Real Wedding on events.

My style?
I could try to describe my style, but in the end my wedding photos say it all…

“I am the photos I make. My photos are what I am”

I know the rules of composition and techniques, but as an artist and sometimes consciously transgress to give strength to my camera voice. I do not like the various photography trends, emulation and mannerism. In photography, I express what I have inside, in respect of my client with whom I always have a great feeling.

I don’t just provide the photo service, first of all, I love telling the emotions of your wedding day, with my sensitivity and creativity capturing some moments in a natural way without stealing space to the spontaneity of a special day but, precisely because I am also specialized in emotional portraiture, I love to create suggestive photographic situations, suggesting a pose, capturing the magic of light like a dreamer and a visionary, giving in return images of great value.

I want to photograph the love of your wedding day and those memories, blending authentic moments and creative portraits, with tranquility and without being intrusive, with respect and good manners.

During my photographic career I also did training. I have passed on my know-how, my philosophy and work ethics.

In particular to Luna, who has been by my side for years in this magnificent job. But Luna did not stop at Photography and also became passionate about film language with surprising results in terms of quality and emotional impact. That’s why, I am also able to offer the wedding Film that stylistically “marries” with my Photography.

If my photos speak to you and you want me to tell the story of your big day, I need to know your story first. Can you tell me your story?