An old Kodak advertisement said:
“A photo not taken is a memory that does not exist! Remember to remember!”

This is the philosophy of little Grace’s parents. We met them in 2017 at Villa Cipressi in Varenna, a small romantic town on the shores of Lake Como. On the occasion of their vacation in Italy, the English family hired us to take some photos of them all together and, above all of their little daughter Grace, just one year old.
Needless to say, we were immediately fascinated by the lively and happy look of the little girl, by her contagious smile that, on a splendid May day, illuminated the lake panorama even more.

We thought we would meet them again after a long time. Instead, exactly a year later,
they contacted us for a new photo shooting. So we all met again at the same venue.

Nothing seemed to have changed compared to the previous year, the days that Lake Como can offer,
especially in Spring, seem to be part of a frame that remains unchanged even if time passes.

The only thing that changed was Grace’s look , no longer so small, but always adorable in her expressions.
Her beautiful cinnamon hair and blue eyes shining under the warm sun, highlighted her sweet sly look.

So, year after year, our beloved clients collect memories and emotional moments as a keepsake
that lasts forever in their heart. We are the authors of their timeless images and cannot avoid getting excited
every time we are working at creating their memories.