They are Rishika, Amit and Aalya. A wonderful Indian family living in San Francisco.
They got in touch some months ago on our Facebook page for our Photography.
Immediatly we established a very good feeling and on May 30th, during their staying in Varenna, we met at Villa Cipressi to photograph their Family Portraits.
Actually it was not a sunny day at Lake Como, but we created a lot of beautiful photos also thanks to an umbrella 🙂 !
As soon as we saw Aalya, their little girl, we straightaway fell in love with her big and sweet eyes and rebel black curls.
Like a pretty doll, she posed quietly for us! Clearly she felt like a little princess and let us make photos raising a little the white dress with her little fingers 🙂
Rishika and Amit were adorable for their extreme and rare kindness. We are always absoluted delighted to work with such lovely people!
We hope you too can feel true love in these photos!