Evelina and Andrea are a sweet couple who got married this April at the Palazzo Reale in Milan.
Both got prepared in Milan in the house which they live in but Evelina has perfectly managed thinghs to keep the surprise being not seen by Andrea.
A wedding in soft and pastel colors, pink, white, lilac and a touch of fuchsia. Evelina in her room wore her wedding dress by “Le spose di Giò” with a clear pink detail.
A delicate pearl necklace and some rosebuds in her hair have embellished her look.
At Palazzo Reale, Andrea with friends and relatives waited for his bride’s arrival. With a touch of American style, the two of them met and had a first look before the ceremony outside the Palace. A very emotional moment for Andrea who immediately embraced Evelina. When all the guests were seated, the couple went in to the ceremony room called “Sala degli specchi” together, smiling and with a lot of emotion.
A touching ceremony with some tears of joy and hugs. Inevitable some shots in front of the Duomo of Milano with the crowd around them and then, the departure to the Castello di Marne in Filago, Bergamo.
A welcome aperitif for the guests was arranged outdoor while the bride and groom posed for some portraits among bushes lit in the courtyard of the Castle.
The reception was held in a room inside the castle, with rounded tables, tall candelabras and crystal chandeliers, a very dreamy atmosphere!
After the wedding dinner the cutting of the cake was set in the beautiful garden. The bride and groom arrived illuminated by a spot light, walking in the garden among the lit braziers lit towards the wedding cake with background music that created a lot of excitement for everybody. The wedding cake they chose was with cream and strawberries, delicious!
Fireworks could not miss for Evelina and Andrea making all the guests stupendously impressed. Then a rich table setted with different flavors of confetti to sweetly finish a so romantic and full of emotion wedding day!