Despite the difficult period that we all faced this spring because of Covid 19, there is always someone that did not want to give up their wedding at any cost! This is precisely the case of Elisabet and Cristian, two spouses who have not feared restrictions and we had the honor of photographing and filming their day! We met Elisabet at the Bergamo Sposi Fair, accompanied by sweet Vivian, their little girl. Vivian was very interested in viewing our works at the stand, watching our videos and photos with headphones close to her mom.

A very tender scene! Elisabet and Cristian celebrated their wedding in Caravaggio in the beautiful Church of San Bernardino with its fantastic cloister. The newlyweds had few guests, about fifteen, but not because of the legal restriction but their choice from the beginning. They preferred to celebrate their wedding with their family and their closest friends. We started the photo and video service at Cristian’s parents’ house where he got ready wearing a refined suit by Carlo Pignatelli.

Luna and I wearing our masks, at a distance following the whole safety procedure but still capturing beautiful moments. We sipped a hot coffee offered by his mom and then went to document Elisabet’s dressing… and not just hers! With Elisabet there was obviously the adorable Vivian dressed like a fairy with a magic wand and glittering shoes and the two dogs dressed as a bride and groom, look at them in the photos they are really funny! At Elisabet’s house the air was sparkling and within a few minutes our beautiful bride was wearing a wedding dress by Nicole Spose and a pair of enchanting shoes of Manolo Blahnik in green satin with a jewel buckle with crystals. Elisabet surprised everyone with her arrival at the church, she reached Cristian by bicycle, with Vivian sitting behind and the two cute doggies in the basket in front.

The bride strictly with a lilac mask! A bride like Elisabet could only choose photographers like us, quick and always attentive to every surprise! It didn’t take much when we met, to understand what the important things were for her, we understood each other in a flash! An extremely important feature that a wedding photographer must have is a 360 degree attention to everything that happens around, not just stopping to respect the “traditions” of the wedding but ready for all the twists that can happen such as the arrival of the bride on a bicycle with a train dress and heels!

The ceremony took place respecting distances and with the use of masks for everyone except for the bride and groom. Unfortunately, the traditional throwing of the rice could not be done in order not to cause gathering. But no problem! The bride and groom made the exit from the church festive anyway! We took group photos in the fantastic cloister which despite the midday sun gave us a soft light. We could not miss the photo of the whole group with the masks! After a few moments of photographs and video with just the couple and Vivian, we concluded our documentation leaving our spouses in intimacy with their family to continue their celebrations.

After a few months of closures and uncertainties, it was exciting to work for this couple who really “held on” and managed to fulfill their love dream in Caravaggio! In the difficult months of Covid we have always been in contact and Elisabet texted me that there was so much fear but with courage she strongly believed that she should not give up on her wedding on June 2, 2020 and she shyly asked me if we would be there … a question with only one reassuring answer from us: YES, and so it was, we were with them, despite the Covid, despite the wedding being in an area in the province of Bergamo that has been so severely tested. Love has won!

Elisabet and Cristian chose our USB cascket with velvet paper prints as favors. A cute new idea! Look at them here!