I was proposed by a wedding planner with whom I collaborate from many years and to which I am also linked by a friendship.
He is an exquisite person.
I met the couple of future spouses only the same day of marriage, but the wedding planner had strongly advised me because she knows how to work and she has a lot of faith in me.
The wedding took place all in one location: Relais Villa Vittoria, a charming and romantic hotel located in Laglio, a beautiful town on the shores of Lake Como.
The couple only requested the photo shoot without an album, only the high resolution files.
The preparations of the spouses took place in two different rooms of the same villa and I started shooting with my assistant makeup and hair of the bride.
Then we moved to the room where the groom was preparing and then return to the bride’s room for her dressing.
Elisabeth was helped by her friend and mother.
The ceremony was celebrated outdoors in the garden with the Como Lake as a background and under an arch of flowers set up by a florist from Cernobbio who takes care of most of the floral arrangements of weddings in that area.
The celebrant was the husband of the wedding planner who has the qualification to celebrate symbolic rituals of foreign couples in Italy.
The wedding was informal and very relaxing. The couple didn’t requested specific photos so I worked naturally and
spontaneous. But I proposed some portrait photos before they did they sat for dinner.
Sometimes couples are so emotionally involved that they don’t think to request some romantic images together, alone, far away by the guests.
But my experience suggests that I invite them to make some photo because it’s important for their memories and when I proposed them they have immediately agreed. It’s important to make proposals without being pressing but I think it’s part of my responsibilities and belief in creating a relationship of trust and complicity.
My brides who I call “EL Brides” choose me, because not only they trust the quality of my work, but above all for the experience who live with me before, during and after marriage.
Elisabeth was wearing a Pronovias dress with a train and I was very happy when voluntarily asked me for a photo on the scale to highlight his beautiful suit.
Elisabeth was very elegant in her dress and with her Jimmy Choo sandals.
The atmosphere was joyful and you can see it from the photos in particular the girls present at the wedding who played and skipped. Also the groom and his friends had fun when I thought about doing of non-formal and joking group photos so that later also the bride has taken part in this moment making herself be lifted by the boys.
Don’t miss the classic photos with parents and relatives.
After the aperitif, everyone sat down for dinner at a table imperial and there have been moments that are sometimes cheerful and sometimes moving during the speeches.
The bride and groom then made the classic cut of the cake, very luscious with strawberries!
At the end of the day everyone in the tavern to let loose in the dances!
After a few days the bride wrote me thanking me for their wedding day and when I sent her a selection of photos was
excited about the wonderful images.
This is my goal, to make my couples very happy !